soblue PVT modules generate electricity and heat from solar energy at the same time

Efficient solar energy generation: 100% fossil-free

The revolutionary soblue Multi-NRG panels in combination with our advanced energy management system set new standards in solar technology. While traditional photovoltaics can only convert a small proportion of solar energy into electricity, our soblue panels offer a much more efficient alternative.

Dual benefits: Electricity and heat from a single source

A unique feature of our technology is the use of thermal energy: this is collected via PVT (photovoltaic thermal energy) modules and can then be brought to the required temperature level using a heat pump. Up to 65% of solar energy in the form of heat can thus be used effectively: our soblue PVT modules generate electricity and heat from solar energy at the same time.

Increased electricity yield through effective cooling

Thanks to the innovative cooling of the solar cells with water in the soblue Multi-NRG panels, not only is efficiency increased, but the electricity yield is also increased by up to 20% compared to conventional PV modules. Overheating of the modules, which affects both electricity production and the service life of the modules, is now a thing of the past.

Overall efficiency of up to 81%

With an impressive overall efficiency of up to 81% - consisting of 16% electrical energy and 65% thermal energy - the soblue PVT modules represent an environmentally friendly and efficient solution that generates both electricity and heat from solar energy. This underlines our commitment to 100% fossil-free energy generation.

What we have developed, is considered
a revolution in many respects

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soblue Multi-NRG Panel
Electrical energy Electrical energy
Thermal energy Thermal energy

The right solution for your industry


soblue PVT systems for hotels enable environmentally friendly hotel equipment and sustainable hotel management while reducing costs at the same time.


Solar energy increases energy efficiency and promotes sustainability in hospitals and the healthcare sector with soblue PVT solutions.

Process industry

In the process industry, PVT modules from soblue reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions with the sun as a clean, renewable energy source.

School buildings

The use of PVT systems increases energy efficiency in school buildings. It can cover the electrical requirements as well as supplying the heat needed for heating and hot water.

Energy producers

PVT modules for energy producers enable sustainable success: efficient, clean, fossil-free. Almost 100 percent climate-neutral heat and electricity production is thus possible.

Large residential complexes

Solar energy in residential complexes and PVT systems for apartment buildings reduce costs, protect the climate, offer price security and increase the property value for sustainable living.

Swimming pools

Solar energy from PVT modules offers cost savings, environmental benefits and sustainable energy for swimming pools and leisure facilities.

Shopping centers

PVT systems for shopping centers and commercial premises reduce operating costs, increase environmental awareness and ensure energy independence in the retail sector.

Industrial cleaning

In industrial cleaning, PVT modules ensure reduced operating costs, low environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

The patented soblue technology combines photovoltaics and solar thermal energy in a single solution that is extremely efficient, natural and ecological. That is important to us.

System integration Multi-NRG Panel

Use of the additional thermal energy in
building services or in industrial process heat

A soblue Multi-NRG Panel
B Buffer tank
C Heat pump

D Hot water tank
E Thermal energy (e.g. heating, domestic hot water)
F Electrical energy (e.g. consumer or battery)

Efficient use of solar energy: integration of PVT modules for the combined generation of electricity and heat

The diagram shows a system that uses PVT modules (A) to generate both electrical and thermal energy from sunlight. The thermal energy is collected in a buffer storage tank (B) and processed with a heat pump (C) for domestic or industrial purposes. A hot water storage tank (D) is used to store hot water and make it available when needed (E).

At the same time, the electrical energy produced by the PVT modules (A) is used to directly supply electricity to consumers or for storage in batteries (F).